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Coming from Poland, Depopulate was created in 2010 under the name of Eviscerated. They come here to blast your head with this first EP called "Till Man Exists No More". They released this stuff filled with six songs (1 intro+5 tracks) of a powerful and technical brutal death metal.


One of the several strength of the band lives in their excellent technicity. They manage to mix several atmospheres, though they're all killer atmospheres through the whole EP.

From very massive moments as we have in "Pandemic Lust" to blasting parts that they feed us with in tracks like "Show Me The Way To Your Heart", we're here like victims to this unmerciful death metal.


The vocals are destroyer here as they are really guttural, aggressive and reinforced with more black metal chorus.

Depopulate is a real steamroller that devastates everything on his way.


There's another stuff that is really cool about them, it is the fact that their tracks are a perfect mix between Old School Death Metal (such as Obscenity, Sinister, Decapitated and Yattering for the technical way) and more recent style of death.

One of the tracks that kicked the most my ass is "Wastesoaked" and its very special atmosphere. This is very unsane, lugubrious and terribly heavy. This gives serious elements to this band to be part of the first class.


Six excellent tracks from Depopulate, talking from deranged spirits to sick and crazy people. All is so really well done, brutal, massive and unmerciful. These guys just destroy everything and I have to admit that it is a real pleasure. "Till Man Exists No More" is a killer, technical and heavy record. Check it or die!







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