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28 décembre 2012 5 28 /12 /décembre /2012 19:52






Poland strikes back ! This strong nation of european death metal sends us another band to rip everyone's ears with some sick, scalpel-like death metal. Masachist proposes its second album with members that are not newbies at all.

In fact we can find members from Yattering, Vesania, Azarath and some ex-Decapitated too.



Listening to the whole stuff, we can hear that Masachist proposes some dark and oppressive death metal. They're not doing some extra fast with total blast death metal but anyway they are still brutal.

Their stuff is more based on sick atmospheres, something very heavily loaded. They do it a bit in Acheron way, see what I mean ?


That is what gives us this old school touch and it is the feeling we have since the first notes of « Drilling The Nerves ».


Sickness goes on with the distorted riffs from « The Process Of Elimination ». The atmosphere is kind of disturbing and disturbed. The use of keyboards in their metal reinforced the feeling that we have here really gloomy.


« Straight and Narrow Path » is gloomy as hell too. The breaks and this oppressive rythm will give nausea to every pop music lover while it pleases and bewitches every good ol'death metal freak. The changes of mood here are fantastic and all remains as aggressive as massive.


We can think of Hate and Decapitated with the brutal way of « Manifesto (100% D.M.K.H.) »that sows craziness with its fucked up riffs, the stunning drums and the invocative throat. Once again here, all provides from the atmospheres mixing freezing one to some more exploding other.


Behemoth lovers shall raise « Higher Authority » that is a real call for war and hate. The stuff is as headbangable as if the devil investigates your brain and your soul to command you to do this !


« Opposing Normality » got its strength from its horror movie like beginning and also to its technicity. The freaks manage to take control upon everything here. The guitars are slicing the flesh up and down, bass hypnotizes you, drums are kicking brutally your head 'till your eyes emerges and the vocals are exploring deep into your guts. The butchers are kings of torture with their songs.


Maybe you would think that « Liberation » shall ease your mind thanks to its title but no way. Sorry for you guys who listen but the massacre continues. Keyboards are used again here to twin the torture to some odd and hollow aura and you end comes with the « Liberation pt II ».


Even if you are buried, the polish guys come to exhume your body to use it as a toy for an ultimate time. Some oppression, some sufferance, this song is dark as fuck underlined by jeyboards tending to annihilate every survivor. Originality comes with this soprano voice used for some seconds and the global stuff can remind of some good ol' Morbid Angel.


« Scorned » is a real good album. As dark as oppressive, it manages to explode with brutality though they don't make it fast. It is a punch in the face from the devilish guys who propose these nine tracks. Death metal is a low and Masachist proves it !








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9 décembre 2012 7 09 /12 /décembre /2012 17:28





Coming from Poland, Depopulate was created in 2010 under the name of Eviscerated. They come here to blast your head with this first EP called "Till Man Exists No More". They released this stuff filled with six songs (1 intro+5 tracks) of a powerful and technical brutal death metal.


One of the several strength of the band lives in their excellent technicity. They manage to mix several atmospheres, though they're all killer atmospheres through the whole EP.

From very massive moments as we have in "Pandemic Lust" to blasting parts that they feed us with in tracks like "Show Me The Way To Your Heart", we're here like victims to this unmerciful death metal.


The vocals are destroyer here as they are really guttural, aggressive and reinforced with more black metal chorus.

Depopulate is a real steamroller that devastates everything on his way.


There's another stuff that is really cool about them, it is the fact that their tracks are a perfect mix between Old School Death Metal (such as Obscenity, Sinister, Decapitated and Yattering for the technical way) and more recent style of death.

One of the tracks that kicked the most my ass is "Wastesoaked" and its very special atmosphere. This is very unsane, lugubrious and terribly heavy. This gives serious elements to this band to be part of the first class.


Six excellent tracks from Depopulate, talking from deranged spirits to sick and crazy people. All is so really well done, brutal, massive and unmerciful. These guys just destroy everything and I have to admit that it is a real pleasure. "Till Man Exists No More" is a killer, technical and heavy record. Check it or die!







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27 novembre 2012 2 27 /11 /novembre /2012 22:16

1350124280 Fuck you we rock Cover






Are you ready for rock'n'roll ? So come on !


Here are Junkie Dildozcoming from Italy. These hellish guys are back after a first EP released in 2009 with this second one called « Fuck You We Rock ». All is said here.

Playing some sleazy metal, the five titles we have here has this old school aspect that will please all heavy metal mixed with rock'n'roll addicts .


Smells like oil here and also motorbike rubber around here.


All is very heavy with a strong 'n'roll touch. Even if this is not my fave style, I have to admit that the band makes it strictly good . Yeah guys your rythms managed to make me headbang.


The first song called « Fuck You We Rock »is a real call to every still people to kick their fuckin' asses ! An anthem remindin' me something that mister Jack Black should love !


The songs have balls for sure ! The dudes here plays really well and have some good technics. I can easily imagine that a song like « I'm a Gun »for example must be explosive as hell on stage. « If I Have enough Time »is very catchy as well . The variations are cool here. I told you just before that the genre is not my fave but it's far better than any commercial shit we can hear on radio now.

There's a pretty cool side in their songs that make the songs catchy and really likeable. These guys rock that's right !!!


« Sometimes She Dies » also sounds cool to me. It's written that it is a new version. Maybe they already released it on their previous stuff. I liked this tune too. That is really well worked on every part. Vocally, the tone is really well linked to the melodies and the drummer is rockin' the whole stuff. That's some good job.



A second EP that is really really cool to hear. I would recommend it to every metal freaks, even those who're listening to some death metal or stuff like that. An EP that is to be heard with a good strong beer in the hand. Some real cool dose of old heavy/rock'n'roll here ! Rock on Junkie Dildoz !!!









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6 novembre 2012 2 06 /11 /novembre /2012 20:57

"Unconventional power trio (Drums, Guitar and vocals), Swiss standard bearer of a new wave of chaotic-post-hardcore COILGUNS have released their 3rd ep in the shape of a split album with german hardcore-trashers NVRVD.  Coilguns's members, more known as all being part of German proggers THE OCEAN recorded their share of this ep when they were touring Australia with The Ocean. 

The EP is available in a fancy limited 10'' vinyl and, as the band habits, in a deluxe hand-made cd (homemade silk-screen printing, handnumbered, sealwaxed). To listen to the full thing:


Never resting and after a summer of good support slots w/ Baroness, Norma Jean and Nasum, the guys are currently writing their first full length that will be released in february 2013 followed by a full european tour. Coilguns will hit the Studio in about a month. 

"This time even vocals will be recorded live and we are flying over guest musicians from other bands to play and record live with us. We'll have plenty of other instruments at hands and have only booked 4 days of studio for about 50 minutes of music." comments frontman and crowd killer Louis Jucker.

Trailer for the split w/NVRVD:


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1 novembre 2012 4 01 /11 /novembre /2012 11:58


652469 logo




Brand new facts from OBSZON GESCHOPF:


Just to tell you that i will creat a new label CEMETERY Records specialized on INDUSTRIAL METAL music ( ebm metal / industrial rock metal / hip hop industrial metal / thrash industrial / death metal industrial / black metal industrial etc... ) but not only .

I will release all the next productions of my band OBSZÖN GESCHÖPF with this label but i will sig

n too International bands in this kind of music ( INDUSTRIAL METAL ) .

The first production of this label will be the new 6th album of OBSZÖN GESCHÖPF " Highway of Horror " ( release for january / February 2013 ) .

This label will have a good distribution in FRANCE and in a big part of EUROPE .

more infos soon ;-)



obszon.geschopf@yahoo.fr "
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22 septembre 2012 6 22 /09 /septembre /2012 10:00






Runover are coming from Italy,guys, and with them you will learn that Italy is not only Chianti, Pizzas and any bent tower but it’s also band with balls.

Created in 2009, the band proposes us its first album after an EP released in 2010.


With the first notes of the album, we can easily hear that Runover has an excellent groove in its music and moreover the sound is very good.

The tracks are powerful and I can bet that fanatics of bands as Pantera or also Black Label Society should find a really good interest here. The power groovy metal that they play is some kind of kick in the ass and that is little to say when you listen to a track like the opening one: “Don’t Shut Your Eyes”.

The voice is mainly into a thrash/ power mood tending to heavy metal.

The whole is as aggressive as catchy.

Let’s take the crazy melodies given by “My Rust” for example and just appreciate them. We’ve got something that is as headbangable as every stuff proposed by Anselmo’s ex-team. That’s some bad ass dudes!


Nowhere also includes such riffs fed with power southern metal from Mr zakk Wylde. “Overrun” has this atmosphere that proves you that the band has balls and should really appreciate a good ol’ Jack Daniel’s bottle.

And “Memory’s gone” comes to give a softer side to the infernal side of their musical soul. Somewhere between Metallica’s cool song but keeping their own touch.

The jerky riffs and rythm really pleased me in “My Rust” to come back with this track that is my fave one and I also appreciated the massive heaviness (if I can say so) of “Evolution”


Well, well, well, that’s some good album from this italian band. I’m sure that B.L.S., Pantera fans and other beer drinkers and hell raisers will enjoy this very good record. A straight to hell ticket that will make you headbang  until death.






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18 août 2012 6 18 /08 /août /2012 10:47







Let's make something unusual here in Yargla Webzine.

Today we have just one track to review. Well let's say that we have just one track to make you know. So let's do it!


The band Spirits and The Melchizedek Children comes from the United States and presents us the track that features on the split they made with Order Of The Owl. This one, recently released gives us a trip that lasts a bit more than five minutes and the less that we can say is that the atmosphere is as ethereal as psychedelic.


We have here a very strong 70s atmosphere and I can bet that lots of good old Pink Floyd fans will really appreciate this track. It's very progressive and all listener should float in the air with this song. They give us some really good style between shoegaze and also some hypnotic and smoky style. Some kind of soundtrack of a man totally stoned on LSD or stuff like that.


The whole is really cool, we can then think of the Floyd but also some other stuff asThe Grateful Dead. The melodies are turning around as if their aim is to take you and your soul with them and make them evaporate.


So, Spirits and the Melchizedek released this really cool track who shall please all psychedelic lovers and also progressive addicts. So, thanks for this really good experience. Waiting to hear some more soon.



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21 avril 2012 6 21 /04 /avril /2012 14:50









There's something weird in the kingdom of England. And this stuff is called Drama Kaiser. Coming from England or may I say that Drama Kaiser is the art of Mister Dim coming from Greece and recently moved to London. The guy is also known for being Mister Crave For Light, that we reviewed some years ago in Yargla, and who also created Lyckanlust.


So, here he comes with this first album called "Concentration In Demand" which is a totally self released stuff.

We have here six titles of annoying and lugubrious atmospheres as the guy intends to make you sick. The style is mainly industrial with kind of dark psychedelic moments for some songs as other sounds really more noisy.


The carnage begins with "The Dramatic State" that could appear as the opening theme for a futuristic psychopath movie with some piano and weird sounds that oppresses the listener.

"Oswald Stoned in Prom" will make every Imminent Starvation lovers happy with its martial rythm that should make dance the sickest Mr Hyde that you have in the deepest of your brain. This track is catchy and the atmosphere is hypnotizing.


"Crawlspace" mixes baroque and gloomy moods brought by the piano with the disturbing side of the industrial sounds that keeps your brain blocked.


"The Violent Birth (part I)" appears as the more accessible stuff here. This is very atmospheric and seems like you're flying somewhere high in the galaxy. An interlude that comes to ease your mind among chaotic battle that let your brain damaged.


"Battle In The Hive" is the longest track from this album and we have nearly 13 minutes of progressive madness that goes from a really heavy mechanical moment tending to lighter and eerie moods. It's like we're travelling into space avoiding meteorites rain and from time to time wandering into desertic planets. A kind of feeling that reminds me of some good Oxyplegatz stuff or also to a gloomy soundtrack for Ulysses 31.


"Ballad Braincrawling For"  ends this album on the same line: with the same disturbing wish to annihilate your soul but this time it is with sweet ways. As some shooting stars hypnotizing you and taking the control of your whole. It seems that you have been drugged or other, this ending, I have to admit, is very trippy and tends to make me float. Something here reminds me of some Burzum ambiant tracks.


A first album including six songs coming from some twisted mind. The whole is as oppressive as gloomy. The psychedelic side of this project can be considered as if Charles Manson or some 60s/ 0's serial killer would have make some music nowadays. The question that I should ask to the listener after this trip is : "Are you allright?" , "Are you still sane?".

Let's wait for some other adventures from this dim spirit.



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1 décembre 2010 3 01 /12 /décembre /2010 14:57






Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s go and see what is happening musically in Asia. Today, we will deal with Kalodin, a band that has the particularity to share members both from Singapore and Nepal. We already had the pleasure to enjoy Singaporean bands here such as Absence Of The Sacred, Zushakon and Draconis Infernum. And we also know about Impiety. So here with Kalodin we can partly say that Singapore’s scene got very talentuous bands.


On a first hand, what is amazing here is the booklet and the cd by itself. The quality is very good and professional.

On a musical point of view, listening to this cd is very enjoyable. Kalodin offers us a very good symphonic black death metal that has influences from bands like Dimmu Borgir and other bands such as Agathodaimon but Kalodin manages to create and keep its own personality.


The album contains nine tracks for 42 minutes. Nine tracks where the band variates pleasure in this mix of symphonic black metal filled with heavy metal, thrash and some death metal stuff too.

Efforts are made on the melodic side. Kalodin got a talentuous way to show their technicity. Lots of heavy metal moments with solos are included to their tracks (I especially think to tracks such as “Face Of War” for example played in mid tempo where they give some folkloric aspect to their melodies.)


Tracks like “Forsaken Virgin Demonlord” emphasizes on this folkloric touch brought to their melodies. The riffs are catchy and the mood of this track has something very gloomy. This song is a perfect mix between a dose of violence (the beginning reminds me a bit of some Behemoth), hellish mood and a dark side of hate. Some kind of Morgul-like moments are really enjoyable.


“Necrophiliac” reminds me of old Cradle Of Filth stuff. The voice is variated too here and brings that famous gloomy side to Kalodin. Feels like the singer has just been haunted by some demons and is struggling against an exorcism.. Just to tell you which hate is spit by this demoniac singer.


“Dark Whisperer” is , I have to admit, my favourite track in this album. I had the chance to know this track in its instrumental version (thanks a lot Davin) and I have been charmed with this final version. The guitar works is enormous and Kalodin, here again, demonstrates all its technicity. This song is a real pleasure: All is various, different kind of vocals cross each other and complete themselves, the keyboards come and give an atmospheric and more lightening touch.


“In Glorificus Luctus (The Mourning After)” starts slowly in a unplugged way. A real calm before the storm is provided by this introduction that has some spanish touch. All is very well done in this track. The riffs are catchy, the rythms variated, the solis amazingly executed. I really enjoy the way the track is reaching its energic side and the symphonic touch of that track. A fist rising and headbangable song that we have here. Very good job dudes!



So the whole album is a real kick in the ass. The band succeed in offering to the listener a great dose of brutality. A grim brutality with catchy melodies. Their black/death metal is a real pleasure to hear and I bet to see on stage. Recently and unluckily, their singer had to leave the band but no worries, they are still alive as they re about to tour in Nepal this month with sessionists from the band Garudh. So please people, just visit their myspace and have pleasure while listening to their killer masterpiece!




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7 janvier 2009 3 07 /01 /janvier /2009 14:24

Tous nos articles sont (ou seront le plus rapidement possible) disponibles en anglais sur Yargland.


Avis à tous les amateurs de la langue de Shakespeare et Phil Anselmo!


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