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Hello Dimitris...


Could you give us a short history of CRAVE FOR LIGHT from its creation to nowadays?


Crave For Light was created about 1 year ago by me and Nikos (guitar). I have been trying to create a band for many years and after many line ups and changes, we decided to create this project (at least that was what we were thinking of it at that moment). So, we found Tania on bass and we recorded our first demo "Nostoi Vlekle Dem Noi Puschta" in about 4 days , which was very well accepted by the audience.That demo is now "sold out" and we are not planning to re-release it.


How did you record your demo? In what conditions?


For the second demo "Second Part of A Treehouse" we didnt want to create something similar to the first one...we wanted to show that we are "developing" musically. We wanted to create something more strange. We used new equipment and f/x, we stopped using brutal vocals and we tried to make the whole production even better. The demo was recorded during our free time in weekends of May 2006. And as you can listen by yourself, the result is very much better than our first demo.


By hearing your cd, I could say that "melancholia" is the MASTER WORD concerning the main mood of your music! Are you inspired by such feelings when you create your music and your lyrics? How do you create your songs?


I am the main composer of the songs. I write the music and i present the songs to the other guys. After that we work and add things to the song so we can make it the best we can. After we record all music part, I go get drunk and write the lyrics. I suppose that the reason for the "melancholy" of our songs is that melancholy itself is my motive for writing music and exprsessing myself.


Let’s come back to your lyrics: what do they deal with?


For me, each one of the songs refers to a person i know. So, you can say that the lyrics are mostly "autobiographical". It is my feelings for people i know. Each song, one person. And it has to do with deeper thoughts, fears and such things that we usually dont tell directly to the people we know.


Could you tell people who still don't have ' Second...' between their hands why they should buy it and to what kind of trip you should take them by listening to it?


First of all...no one can "buy" our demo. We usually trade it with other bands or send it to people who ask for it, just like that. We are not so naive to believe that we can make money out of this. For the people who know me, they should listen to it because they will get an idea of what is goin through my head from time to time. For the rest of the people, they should listen to it if they want to listen to some "sad" music... simple though, but straight from our hearts.


What are your main influences? (Bands)


Well...isnt it obvious?!!??! First of all , the main influence is Entwine and the rest Suomi metal bands like To/die/for, Charon and the rest. We dont limit our influences. Nikos listens to lot of things like Porcupine Tree and Tania more "girly" stuff like HIM... hehehehe


Do you listen to other bands that have nothing to do with Metal/Gothic?


Of course! My favorite band is Roxette. I have been a fan of them since i was a kid and i think their music is really true! I like to listen to many kinds of music. So..in my album collection u will find cds from Belinda Carlisle and Army of Lovers...to Dodheimsgard and Burzum. There is no limit in music!


Which Greek bands should you introduce us?


Well..one of my favorite is a gothic band named "Odes Of Ecstacy". I think they now split up, but i love both albums they released. You dont listen to such greek bands every day!


Serial Lovers or Serial Fuckers?


Fuckin Lovers!


What are the plans for CRAVE FOR LIGHT? Any shows somewhere in Europe? or elsewhere?


We are currently preparing for a live show on November , but nothing is sure yet. As i told you, Crave For Light was meant to be a studio project..but people keep asking us for a live gig. So, i think that in the end it will not be avoidable! hehe!


What would you say to "strongly closed-minded" people in Metal scene?


Find a girl and have sex! This is the source of your problem!


Well , this is the end , my friend , just leave a message after the tone!!! Thanks a lot for the interview!!!


Thank you very much for the interest and support and for all those who spare their time to read this interview. Please check our sites www.craveforlight.cjb.net and www.myspace.com/stayblind  and let us know what u think! Just Thank you!

Stay Blind!

Thanx dude!!

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