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3 février 2008 7 03 /02 /février /2008 22:21


2007/Sound of Charge

3 songs : 11 mins

 1. Unholy Fist
 2. Flesh Of Christ
 3. Let Them Eat Shit

Here comes in Yargla the first production from Mister Pascal Blaud (ex-Abhorrent Creations) and it is a pleasure to see him coming back in the underground scene with his new label Sound Of Charge.
For his comeback, Pascal produces the band that we have here: Matar. Hailing from Finland (from where bands like Azaghal, Behexen, Impaled Nazarene, Horna... come), the band offers us three tracks for this demo. The best way to sum up this piece would be to describe it with three adjectives: raw, hateful and primitive. Therefore, we've got three tracks of ultra hateful black metal in a really direct way.

Each song is filled with hate and seems to have been written with blood. The atmosphere is violent and satanic. As told before, the stuff is very raw. As for its sound, the guitars shrieks to hell aggressively. The voice is really hateful and reminds me a lot of the first Gorgoroth’s album. The first song here called “Unholy Fist” tends to a kind of punk mood, a bit in the way of Darkthrone. The black metal vocals are mixed with more death metal ones.
The second one, “Flesh Of Christ”, is more based on a gloomy atmosphere played on a more doomy tempo. Nevertheless, the whole remains very hateful and violent as a whole and the screams used are also alternated in a true black/death way.
And the demo (already) ends with “Let them eat shit”, remaining in the same hellish line. Ok, some will say the the riffs are “too easy” anyway, i'll answer them that the ones used here are really catchy and gives an excellent “punch in the face” side to this cd, and I think it is the effect wanted by this band more than showing you that they are virtuosis pussies.

A very good demo to play to all raw black metal freaks but also to those who are looking for hearing a really hateful moment to spend and selling their soul to the beast. The whole is raw, the whole is true, the whole is evil. Support them:

http://www.europacalling   (Sound of Charge/ Pascal Blaud)

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16 décembre 2007 7 16 /12 /décembre /2007 19:54


                                                                 PARADE RECORDS/2007

10 songs : 21 mins

And here comes another production from the mighty Parade Records. And they still offer some great stuff. As other bands from this label, we have here another crust band played in old school way. Concerning the band, it was rather hard for me to find more pieces of information except the fact that they seem to come from Spain. That is to say they must be really underground.
The whole cd is a real punch in the face, some excellent crust/ punk with a dark mood. The tracks played directly reminds me of the very good Subsanity that we can find on the excellent compilation called “He’s no good to me dead” in which Subsanity shares the split with Bongzilla, Grief, Negative Reaction...
So here, we have total crust like Phobia (in a less grindcore way and the whole is sung in Spanish language) or also like old Terveet Kadett.
The songs are very various, the rythms are not linearly punk if you see what I mean; for example in the 4th track, the rhythm is a bit slower, or you've also got that grim beginning of the 5th, nearly some sludge/slow hardcore mixed with more energic moments.
The voices are guttural and low for one and high pitched and saturated for the other and the whole remains as aggressive as low.
My favourite one (number 6) begins in a sludgy way and is mixed with a crust’n’roll moment. That guitar riff is very rock’n’roll and occurs to an aggressive Twist Dance from Hell. I really enjoy this. By listening to  number 7 with that kind of epic riff that starts the song, it was really hard for me to choose which one was my fave... I found kind of black metal riff in it.
Every lover of D.I.Y. punk/crust stuff will really appreciate this band about whom I really hope to know more but also to hear more. The Carbono 14 experience on stage must be really ass kicking dudes, so please contact them: 
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26 novembre 2007 1 26 /11 /novembre /2007 14:12



8 songs/40 minutes

Carcharoth is a one man band coming from Melbourne, Australia. And it is the first Australian band that we have the honor to review here. This band performs a very various blackened death metal and the whole is melodic, the voices used are very various. The trip begins with a short intro opening on the first track “The Raven’s Cry” that reminds me of some old school My Dying Bride mixed with some old school swedish death metal à la At The Gates. The death metal voice is really low and guttural a bit in the My Dying Bride (to name them again) or also Septic Flesh way. A folk part, as often included in the whole cd, tends to give some Opeth but also Primordial mood to this song. Very good thing. And the tracks continue in the same profile, various, melodic and progressive blackened death metal.
Despite its sound that I judge a bit low, my favorite song of  The Raven’s Cry is the one called “The High Pass”. By hearing this one I always think of some Hypocrisy during their Penetralia era. The different parts are really various and we have again the alternation between folk parts and metal ones.
As for these folk parts, I can say that they enrich the variety of good ideas used by Chris Doig. Just take this oriental moment during the doomy part of the song called “Broken Burial”. It tends to soften the listening of this piece of great musical wandering through darkness.
“Cold wind blows” draws the nearly end of the cd, in this one Chris uses clear vocals that reminded me of Benighted Leams. As for generally used vocals, they are really rich, that is one of the points I really appreciate in The Raven’s Cry, I also have the surprise to hear voices generally used in goregrind (you know, the hypra low, guttural and piggy) in the song called “Broken Burial”.
Unluckily, the cd is already ending with the one called “The Sun has had its day”, with a very good folk and clear voice one reminding me of some Alcest or also Agalloch soothing the listener that is waiting for more.
I really had a great time with this piece from Carcharoth, the only “wrong” stuff I could say is the loss of sound on “The High Pass” (the ideas are so rich here that it deserves a far better sound) and maybe the use of drum machine which could annoy some listeners but on another point of view, as I've just said before, the ideas used gives a very rich and unboring aspect to the whole stuff. To end this review, i will just say that I am waiting for more from this band.
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20 novembre 2007 2 20 /11 /novembre /2007 17:43




3 songs : 9 minutes 20s

1. Blood and Savagery
2. Social Parasite
3. Bypaths to Chaos

This time it’s war. And the threat is coming from Chicago, United States. The 4 warriors, all wearing gasmasks, fight in a brutal death/black metal way. The members use their weapons violently: the blast beats sound like hails of bullets, the rhythmic is powerful, the riffs are very incisive and the voice calls every listener for war.
Through this first demo, they manage to destroy everything on their way such as a heavy panzer on a warground with their black metal (the names of Marduk in Panzer Division Marduk era and also sometimes Dark Funeral are coming to my mind) tending to sound also death metal (more in an Angelcorspe way) with the variations of vocals which are rather efficient as they remove all linearity to the whole.
My favourite track is the one that starts this war: “Blood and Savagery”. There’s something innit that reminds me of “Baptism By Fire” from the other soldiers of Marduk. This one, very hateful, woke up my most destructful wishes. The kind of song you have to listen when you want to take revenge on someone.
Very good first demo from this American troop, with a really good sound. Every fan of Marduk, Angelcorpse, Revenge, Axis of Advance and other war adorers band will appreciate. And other ones who are in quest for a violent, raw, hateful, even if too short, moment.
Kommandant is a real declaration of war.
Let’s notice that this is a self released demo but it has been licensed under Daemonokratia Productions.

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20 novembre 2007 2 20 /11 /novembre /2007 01:14



                                                                 2007/Parade Records

5 tracks/15 minutes

Here comes another band from the great Spanish label Parade Records. And so, the latter has welcomed Mahakala, coming from Greece and more precisely Athens. I knew that Greece was very productive in death, black, gothic bands, the names coming to my mind are Necromantia, Nightfall, Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Nethescerial,  Crave For Light and others but I didn’t know -and what a good surprise- that they were also into sludge stuff. And with Mahakala, dudes, they produce it very very well. Dark, heavy, groovy, and however powerful.

At the sight of the singer and the bassplayer shirts (Iron Monkey and Bongzilla), I think that we can easily imagine the kind of band we have here. And when you listen to that 5-song e.p., you can realize they are the perfect mix between these two bands. They have the heaviness of Bongzilla, the powerful side and a bit of the hateful one of Iron Monkey. They emphasize the groovy mood and it sounds great. They are as heavy, groovy and catchy as hell. They remind me of some Raging Speedhorn in a more powerful way (a bit like Bleeding Eyes – see the review before), a kind of powerful sludgecore. For the third song, they have that dirty side that reminds me of good old Buzzov’en with uses of samples, they’re a real bulldozer rollin' on a sludgy way. The fourth song is my favourite, the beginning riff sounds like some High on Fire, the high pitched vocals are so hateful, the sound overheavy, rhythms very tribal. And they end that so short pleasure with a fast track giving a more punk/crust touch to their style.
I really enjoyed this stuff, I read somewhere that the singer doesn’t use any lyrics, well, man, let me tell you in clear words that you kick my ass.
To contact them:
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19 novembre 2007 1 19 /11 /novembre /2007 02:08



                                                                       2006/Slut Factory Records

13 songs : 15mins 10 s
Crazy. The best word to begin this review. And the first thought that came to me with this stuff. First of all, I received this demo in an envelop with confetti of stars, unicorns and moons. My first words: “Hahaha, that’s some funny stuff; that guy seems to have humour in spite of that big pentagram in the logo. Cool.”
I forgot to mention that this band comes from Terrance and Phillip’s country (Canada for ‘ignorants’).
After this, I put the cd in my stereo...well... "crazy" is the real word that remained to me. Iron Bitchface plays some cyber noisy black old school Nintendo core. Or something like that. The whole demo is some video game concept: the first song is called “Push The Start Button” and the last one “Game Over”. Listening to the whole stuf, several things came to my mind. We have some ultra absurd Aborym on speed, the vocals are very black metallic with a lot of distortion, over-saturated, and the uncountable Bpms. I think that the best description for this stuff would be to tell you to stay home, play your Nintendo Entertainment System and listen to 3 cds in the same time: some Aborym, some Abruptum and some other band of noisecore.
 This demo is to be listened to at the 666th degree, the band offers us a good moment of good absurd stuff that is enjoyable anyway. I  saw they ever played in Europe with Boiling Remains (Hi Mates!!!) and can easily imagine they must have had great times of fun.
So, thanks for that funnytime, very very open minded ones and craziest from everywhere will really appreciate. Sorry dudes, but i don’t hate you hahahaha...
To contact them:
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13 novembre 2007 2 13 /11 /novembre /2007 13:48



4 songs/11 mins
  1. Here comes to head
  2. More Humility…Less bullshit
  3. Competence
  4. Words Unspoken

Coming from Montebelluna, Italy, Bleeding Eyes plays what we should call some power sludgecore and they play it very well. They remind me of bands such as Raging Speedhorn (I just saw that they’re about to tour with them), Hardtoswallow, and so on... In fact, they continue where Raging Speedhorn has stopped. I mean, I recently bought the new Raging Speedhorn album and I noticed that they lost their “stoner” side. Here, with Bleeding Eyes, the groove is amazing and powered as well.

They play on both sides: one is very catchy, groovy and tends to more violent rhythms, more hardcore metal parts. “Competence” is my favourite and it is for me the one that represents perfectly the whole cd: between Raging Speedhorn for the sludgecore part and Pantera/ Superjoint Ritual and Pungent Stench (in a less death metal way).

I really enjoyed this demo that left in my mouth a good taste of old whisky and in my brain some smoky feeling. It is totally inadvisable to listen to these tracks in your shower. Ok, the groove will make your hips shake but the "power" moments should see your shower damaged by the way you will jump. It’s such a pity but I have to admit, here, Italy still kicked some french ass and took its revenge with a really groovy headbang in my chest ;). 
This cd should find a place on your shelf between Hardtoswallow, Facedowninshit and Bud Junkees. Support this band!
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13 août 2007 1 13 /08 /août /2007 13:40


                                        Self-released / 2006 

So now, let's continue our musical trip all around the world ... For this time, let's go to Asia.

Hailing from Singapore, Absence Of The Sacred proposes through this album a very good mix between Old School Death Metal, Melodic Death Thrash (like The Crown, old Dark Tranquillity...) and the whole atmosphere is tainted with a Black Metal mood.
One thing that strikes during this cd is their very groovy force during all the tracks.
The sound of the guitars reminds me a bit of some old Sigh...The main voice is very guttural and the first band to who we can think of is Avulsed.
The album is very rich in breaks and in variations of melodies. The whole sounds very melodic but also thrashy.
They give us a good revival of Death metal from the early 90s.

In a track like "Fallen into Obscurity" they offer a good dose of mid tempo Death metal with so catchy melodies and this scorched voice coming straight from the deepest abyssic throat mixed with Thrash moments that will provoke nostalgia to the eldest teutonic scene fanatics.
"Our Glorious Dead" includes a rather doomy part but they  dare to include accoustic parts and a black metal rhythmic part of drums in the end.

As the tracks go on, the band doesn't fall into the trap of linearity and boredom is never present in the whole album.
The song that kicked my ass the most violently is the eponymous "Atrocities that birthed abominations". This one is the one for me which  represents the album as its best: Thrash, Black, Death metal and Doom are mixed here and the melodies and the rhythmic are still very rich and various.
The alternation of Black and Death vocals reminds me a bit of Manos (from Germany).
A very good accoustic guitar part included innit tends to a good Opeth spirit for this track. Keyboards parts of this song lighten the whole and concludes perfectly this very well executed (technically speaking) cd.

This trip to Asia was very enjoyable to me and it rang my alarm that we should be aware and keep an eye on this scene represented by such kick-ass bands. They are about to release the new cd so, i am here impatiently waiting for this second storm.


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20 avril 2007 5 20 /04 /avril /2007 10:40



                                      2005 / Dinosaur

As a beginning for this review, I would like to thank the band for sending me their album. Pitchfork & Pussies is the album I have been listening to hundred times since the day it came in my letter box. With this cd, I can tell you dudes that, Yeah Rock'n'roll also exists in Wales.

My first contacts with this band was on Myspace where I discovered them and especially appreciated their groovy style, with their track called "Freakshow" (number 3 of the album). Instantly, they managed to give me an incredible addiction to this track, played in a low tempo and with very catchy riffs and chorus, with unavoidable " yeaah" in the latter!

Having now the complete album, I've really become addicted to their whole stuff. After the previously reviewed Zero, United Kingdom sends us another "groovy with balls" band.

Even if their style is mainly stoner rock, they play it with very low guitars and some kind of 3-tons drums. Men... To come back to "Freakshow", you might see that they will even make you move your hips. And this track is, to me, the coolest one.

They also remind me, in some tracks, of White Zombie in their best period. Especially the track called "John Deevies and Murder" for its musical structure but also for the voice that travels from Metallica to Rob Zombie. Influences like Corrosion of Conformity can also be noticed -more precisely in their Wiseblood period- and Ectospazz offers us songs which, despite their down/mid tempo, evolve to more hardcorish rhythms... And the formula they use is very efficient.

You'll encounter other great moments with tracks like "Douglas Bader", "Voodoo Seedy Rack Man" (a good one to listen to while driving), "Mr Feebus" and that "headbangable" " New Animal". Here are my faves, but I must admit that the whole album is a very good stuff.

Therefore you've got here, without any doubt, another band that I am very impatient to see on stage because they must kick ass! The music is done with guts, that is easily perceptible on this cd, so I would recommend right now this band to any show organiser who reads this review and tell him to jump on the opportunity, to contact them and to make them come and kick some French asses someday because they deserve it as much on a musical point of view as on a human one.

Contact the band: www.ectospazz.bravehost.com   and  www.myspace.com/ectospazz


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5 février 2007 1 05 /02 /février /2007 18:04



Well, Zero...
Zero would be the number of bad words I should say about this cd!
The only wrong side would be that the pleasure lasted a bit shortly for me. Oh shit, this is just a EP! Zero, comin’ from England, play here 1 intro and 4 tracks during a bit more than 17 minutes and it was just enough to wake up my most Rock’n’roll-with-balls spirit that has stayed asleep for a long long time!

Darker Days is so enjoyable to listen to... Throughout this recording dating from 2006, they manage to convince me that they rule in their style! They play some Power Metal "a là" Pantera with a good Stonerlike groove mixed with some Thrash/Hardcore elements.(sounding at times like Testament, for instance)

Many means are used here to bring those balls to their music, especially in tracks like "Nightmare" (my fave one), with which they also sometimes remind me of a band called Accusser! The drum kicks asses, guitars riffs just bring me down to Hell and that voice close to Phil Anselmo's efficiently caught my attention and revealed my "inside beast"!

Another track that kicks ass is the one that closes this too short pleasure: "Race for Pride (Pride for Race)" and here, guyz, let me tell you that I hope to see/hear it on stage one day! This is the kind of song you should listen to every morning under your shower or just after a fuckin’hard day at work! I can easily imagine some furious moshpit at the origin of a furious mess!
Therefore, as I stated it if you want music with big balls, some good power Rock’n’roll stuff
that makes your head sick, well you should go and get some beer or whisky, put this cd in your player and play it loud as Hell!
As a conclusion, I would say that Zero would be the mark I'll give to the one who don’t headbang while listening to this disc.




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