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22 septembre 2012 6 22 /09 /septembre /2012 10:00






Runover are coming from Italy,guys, and with them you will learn that Italy is not only Chianti, Pizzas and any bent tower but it’s also band with balls.

Created in 2009, the band proposes us its first album after an EP released in 2010.


With the first notes of the album, we can easily hear that Runover has an excellent groove in its music and moreover the sound is very good.

The tracks are powerful and I can bet that fanatics of bands as Pantera or also Black Label Society should find a really good interest here. The power groovy metal that they play is some kind of kick in the ass and that is little to say when you listen to a track like the opening one: “Don’t Shut Your Eyes”.

The voice is mainly into a thrash/ power mood tending to heavy metal.

The whole is as aggressive as catchy.

Let’s take the crazy melodies given by “My Rust” for example and just appreciate them. We’ve got something that is as headbangable as every stuff proposed by Anselmo’s ex-team. That’s some bad ass dudes!


Nowhere also includes such riffs fed with power southern metal from Mr zakk Wylde. “Overrun” has this atmosphere that proves you that the band has balls and should really appreciate a good ol’ Jack Daniel’s bottle.

And “Memory’s gone” comes to give a softer side to the infernal side of their musical soul. Somewhere between Metallica’s cool song but keeping their own touch.

The jerky riffs and rythm really pleased me in “My Rust” to come back with this track that is my fave one and I also appreciated the massive heaviness (if I can say so) of “Evolution”


Well, well, well, that’s some good album from this italian band. I’m sure that B.L.S., Pantera fans and other beer drinkers and hell raisers will enjoy this very good record. A straight to hell ticket that will make you headbang  until death.






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