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Cheers dudes ! It's with a strong beer that I begin this interview. First of all, common question, could you tell us about Carcharodon from its beginning to now ?


Hell Yeah man ! Good choice with the beer. I'm gonna tell you a story from many many years ago.


There were two brothers, named Bodge and Pixo, who badassly wanted to play in a rock n roll band but, surprisingly, started their path in 2003 as an instrumental duo called « CARCHARODON ».


They were fascinated by riffs, but couldn't find any third person able to fit their mind and musical attitude. So they bought a drum machine and started recording a primordial death n roll in their home studio.


Then, one day in 2005 Pixo introduced Zack to Bodge, saying : « He plays drums, he's full of attitude, let's try him ! »

From 2005 to 2007 they recorded and released 3 demos : « Kamasutra », « Pelvis », « Las Fecas ».


They were as fireworks in the dark. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY in the nearbies had ever thought/listen/imagined such a raw and heavy mix of southern metal, death metal and thrash.


Everything was put to the maximum (and nowadays, thinking about it, I'd say even too much, but you know, too much is never too much when you deal with riffs, growls and distortion, HA!).


With these three demos they brought in pubs, bars, venues, clubs, open air venues their way of playing and thinking bout music.

I guess « Las Fecas » had been the demo that rammed as many doors as possible.


It got so many good reviews that they thought « Ok, we got it, let's buy a tourbus! Or maybe a plane ! »


In 2008, strongly determinated by what the demos had offered, the three guys got in the studio to record their first full length, named « MACHO METAL » : the cd brought the musical concept to its higher level : guitars, bass, drums, growl were sooooo deep and hard, the sound was a Pete-Steele- (in the Carnivore era)-driven caterpillar crushing into a Black Label Society gig.


Heavy, deep, furious and drunk.


This self produced full length brought the three sharks on tour in 2008 in Germany, France, US, Switzerland. It was a blast !!


Back from touring, the guys got back in the studio in 2010 to record an EP, called Promo Herectus, to be given to labels to get signed, but it didn't get the right reaction : Reviews were super good, but no labels were interested to this project.


So, in a blink of an eye an idea wrecked the minds of the guys.

They asked themselves : « What are we good on ? » The answer was : « Drinking, destroying everything with our metal attitude, listening to country music ».


So, they did it : they got drunk as rattlesnakes, crushed a live venue, and on their way back home they met Max : a fucking hillbilly picker and longtime friend of the band. They asked him to join the band, his words were « let me leave my job and get into the band ». So, from butcher to shark, in one day.


Attitude, we're damn good with it.


As a four piece they got in the studio to record ROACHSTOMPER. Still no label was interested in supporting the band, but as the mastering was done, Altsphere Records, a french label, showed us that they could manage a deal for them. Now they've got a new tour in the US planned, and the rest is present. They're now probably drinking, working, listening to some good ol' texan blues.







You are proposing some Macho Metal. What is the motto of this genre ?


I'd say : Play Loud, Stay Mean, Smash your Liver !



So you released your killer album 'Roachstomper' some months go. I already knew the first one called « Macho Metal » that was already pretty good but this new one blasted my fuckin' head (for me it's the 2013 album, really) . What are the main differences/changes berween both ? With « Roachstomper » I noticed that you went further, mixing several genres.

What came to your mind to decide to mix such genres ? I mean most of people wouldn't have think about including country music to some death metal.



I guess it all came from the music we're listening to and the possibility of mixing two completeley different guitar styles : Bodge plays more metal and raw, Max is a fucking hillbilly picker !


Differences between the 2 Cds are big. First of all the production is cleaner and you can listen to every instrument with no problem, Macho Metal was a concrete block. Then in Roachstomper we really tried to mix every influence and make it sound at its best.

I guess we reached the point !




What were the conditions to record this album ? And how did the deal come with the french label Altsphere Production ?


We just had released a promo EP in 2010 called Promo Herectus, aiming to reach labels all over the world, but it didn't get a real following, so we decided to record the new CD without any support and thinking that a deal would have come by proposing the new stuff..and so it happened !


We sent a lot of promo cds, links (everything to promote the material) to tons of labels and a response came from Jeff of Altsphere Productions, who liked the stuff a lot and decided to print and promote the CD.





What about webzines/zines and people reactions to this blasting album ?


We received a mix reaction but everyone was happy and got smashed by the album.

The album was « top album » on a very important italian metal site (www.metalitalia.com), and many reviewers shouted that ROACHSTOMPERis a miracle.

Some reviewers didn't like the cd (fortunately a little few) but I think because they didn't get into the spirit of CARCHARODON.


I hope they'll change their minds listening to our next cd, if not, well, no problem, we'll have many many drinks together and party till dawn, hoping to convince them. HA!





Do you think that « Roachstomper » should be the album in every rock'n'roll kid's schoolbag ?


I think « Roachstomper » should be in every schoolgirl's beauty case, next to her dildo and to the pictures of Elvis Presley.


Can you tell us more about the Pig Squeal Nation ? How can we join it ?


HAHA ! Just unleash the disease you keep hidden since longtime ! Drink, vomit, fuck as much as you want, get high, be free.





I have a real problem with your tracks! I'm thinking about go and see policemen because they put some auditive GHB into my ears so that they could easily manage to fuck my brain! What is your secret potion to offer such catchy tracks?


It's easy : It's the kind of music you (and I) ever wanted to listen to but nobody ever wrote. It's something beating in the wild heart of everyone.


You already made a tour in the United States. How was it ? You are about to make a new one. Is it a country that you adore or do you have lots of fans there ? What about the bands you gonna play with there ? Can you tell us more about them ?


We've been on tour in Texas and California in 2008, that was a self-organized tour, but we badly wanted to get in touch with the core of the music we play and listen to. That was the kind of experience that blows your mind.


Crossing Arizona on a greyhound bus, driving from San Francisco to LA, playing for people that feels what you're playing, eating tons of burritos, getting to see the damages of the famous hurricane in the border between Texas and Louisiana, well, it brings the band to a higher level !


Then we hung out with lots of people we didn't even think about : we had a couple of beers with Ryan McCombs of Soil/Drowning Pool, had Billy Milano as sound technician, had many drinks and tequilas with the band Jet (we met them in Austin one night), and then we played in Beaumont in a live club where Dimebag used to be many times. That was a blast !


This year, things seem a little more serious, we're gonna play 10 shows in 14 days, with the last tour we had the opportunity to get lots of fans down there, so I think it will be a hell of a tour !!

There will be different bands in different venues, so I can't tell you much about them, most of them play sludge, others just metal. We'll have fun !






What about Italy ? Do you often play there ? Do you have a strong audience/followers there ? Do you have already play in France ? Any plans to come there ?


In Italy the underground is boiling, but to cross the street and play for big venues and get big labels you have to pay , and that's a thing I don't dig at all.


And the other bad thing is that the scene is infected with bands who play only covers, so club owners tend to prefer those bands because they bring more people to gigs and original bands have no chance. And it's a pity because there are lots of great bands !!!


We have lots of fans here, but we don't play very often because of the facts I told you.


We played in France but just for 2 gigs and it's kinda paradox because our label is french, so..let's hope to come to France again and for more gigs !





Musically speaking, what does influence you ? Do you like cinema ? What kind of movies ?


We're always listening to music, we literally devour tons of albums, so music influences come from what we listen to (country, blues, all kinds of metal, southern rock, sludge, everything!).


We're not so much into cinema, but we like strange porn : the curious things done with feces and insects. It makes us laugh and inspires us in writing stuff.

Personally I can't remember the last time I watched a movie at the cinema..






Can you tell us more about the lyrics ? What are they about ?


Lyrics come from our lifestyle and from curious things that we like to sing about.

The opener of the cd « Stoneface Legacy » is about the wonderful brotherhood and alchemy that creates when we meet longtime friends in our gigs and in our alcohol parties.


The song « Jumbo Squid » is about a person who has a jumbo squid as pet but ends up killing it because it watches porn all day and squirts its black juice in the whole house.



«  Voodoo Autopsy » is about indians and their struggle against the white man, as seen by an indian.


« Chupacobra » is about a girl you DON'T have to stay away from because she's gonna suck your cobra and leave you dry....





Which craziest thing have you already/or will make for Rock'n'roll ?


Oh fuck, there are lots of crazy things I/we have done since we formed CARCHARODON !


From bringing a glass filled with shit and piss on stage as a present for the opening band's singer, to being about to fall off a stage located 3 meters high because I was too drunk.

From driving completely drunk in the streets of Los Angeles (thinking about it nowadays it doesn't look like a clever thing ahah) to pouring a glass of whiskey in my pants on stage. It felt like my balls were burning ! There are lots, I can't tell you who did what, but I assure you there are lots. .and there will be more !!!





Is Carcharodon your only band or do you have other projects ?


Carcharodon is our only reason to live, we tried to play also in other bands but as little side projects with no important aims.




Who is that bearded nasty druid tht we can see in the pictures from the booklet ?


He's a longtime friend of ours and we thought he would have been the perfect fashion model for our disease ! He's also the main character in the video of the song « Burial in whiskey waves », a song about a drunkard mariner that excapes from the rehab he's in and wants to kill himself with whiskey.





Ok bros, the interview is over. Thanks a lot for your answers and last words are for you :


Thank you for your kind words and the opportunity to tell people something about us !


Keep supporting the underground, keep supporting CARCHARODON and get yourself a copy of ROACHSTOMPER, your penis will enlarge in a minute !

Vive la chatte poilue !








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