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Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s go and see what is happening musically in Asia. Today, we will deal with Kalodin, a band that has the particularity to share members both from Singapore and Nepal. We already had the pleasure to enjoy Singaporean bands here such as Absence Of The Sacred, Zushakon and Draconis Infernum. And we also know about Impiety. So here with Kalodin we can partly say that Singapore’s scene got very talentuous bands.


On a first hand, what is amazing here is the booklet and the cd by itself. The quality is very good and professional.

On a musical point of view, listening to this cd is very enjoyable. Kalodin offers us a very good symphonic black death metal that has influences from bands like Dimmu Borgir and other bands such as Agathodaimon but Kalodin manages to create and keep its own personality.


The album contains nine tracks for 42 minutes. Nine tracks where the band variates pleasure in this mix of symphonic black metal filled with heavy metal, thrash and some death metal stuff too.

Efforts are made on the melodic side. Kalodin got a talentuous way to show their technicity. Lots of heavy metal moments with solos are included to their tracks (I especially think to tracks such as “Face Of War” for example played in mid tempo where they give some folkloric aspect to their melodies.)


Tracks like “Forsaken Virgin Demonlord” emphasizes on this folkloric touch brought to their melodies. The riffs are catchy and the mood of this track has something very gloomy. This song is a perfect mix between a dose of violence (the beginning reminds me a bit of some Behemoth), hellish mood and a dark side of hate. Some kind of Morgul-like moments are really enjoyable.


“Necrophiliac” reminds me of old Cradle Of Filth stuff. The voice is variated too here and brings that famous gloomy side to Kalodin. Feels like the singer has just been haunted by some demons and is struggling against an exorcism.. Just to tell you which hate is spit by this demoniac singer.


“Dark Whisperer” is , I have to admit, my favourite track in this album. I had the chance to know this track in its instrumental version (thanks a lot Davin) and I have been charmed with this final version. The guitar works is enormous and Kalodin, here again, demonstrates all its technicity. This song is a real pleasure: All is various, different kind of vocals cross each other and complete themselves, the keyboards come and give an atmospheric and more lightening touch.


“In Glorificus Luctus (The Mourning After)” starts slowly in a unplugged way. A real calm before the storm is provided by this introduction that has some spanish touch. All is very well done in this track. The riffs are catchy, the rythms variated, the solis amazingly executed. I really enjoy the way the track is reaching its energic side and the symphonic touch of that track. A fist rising and headbangable song that we have here. Very good job dudes!



So the whole album is a real kick in the ass. The band succeed in offering to the listener a great dose of brutality. A grim brutality with catchy melodies. Their black/death metal is a real pleasure to hear and I bet to see on stage. Recently and unluckily, their singer had to leave the band but no worries, they are still alive as they re about to tour in Nepal this month with sessionists from the band Garudh. So please people, just visit their myspace and have pleasure while listening to their killer masterpiece!




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