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27 novembre 2012 2 27 /11 /novembre /2012 22:16

1350124280 Fuck you we rock Cover






Are you ready for rock'n'roll ? So come on !


Here are Junkie Dildozcoming from Italy. These hellish guys are back after a first EP released in 2009 with this second one called « Fuck You We Rock ». All is said here.

Playing some sleazy metal, the five titles we have here has this old school aspect that will please all heavy metal mixed with rock'n'roll addicts .


Smells like oil here and also motorbike rubber around here.


All is very heavy with a strong 'n'roll touch. Even if this is not my fave style, I have to admit that the band makes it strictly good . Yeah guys your rythms managed to make me headbang.


The first song called « Fuck You We Rock »is a real call to every still people to kick their fuckin' asses ! An anthem remindin' me something that mister Jack Black should love !


The songs have balls for sure ! The dudes here plays really well and have some good technics. I can easily imagine that a song like « I'm a Gun »for example must be explosive as hell on stage. « If I Have enough Time »is very catchy as well . The variations are cool here. I told you just before that the genre is not my fave but it's far better than any commercial shit we can hear on radio now.

There's a pretty cool side in their songs that make the songs catchy and really likeable. These guys rock that's right !!!


« Sometimes She Dies » also sounds cool to me. It's written that it is a new version. Maybe they already released it on their previous stuff. I liked this tune too. That is really well worked on every part. Vocally, the tone is really well linked to the melodies and the drummer is rockin' the whole stuff. That's some good job.



A second EP that is really really cool to hear. I would recommend it to every metal freaks, even those who're listening to some death metal or stuff like that. An EP that is to be heard with a good strong beer in the hand. Some real cool dose of old heavy/rock'n'roll here ! Rock on Junkie Dildoz !!!









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