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There's something weird in the kingdom of England. And this stuff is called Drama Kaiser. Coming from England or may I say that Drama Kaiser is the art of Mister Dim coming from Greece and recently moved to London. The guy is also known for being Mister Crave For Light, that we reviewed some years ago in Yargla, and who also created Lyckanlust.


So, here he comes with this first album called "Concentration In Demand" which is a totally self released stuff.

We have here six titles of annoying and lugubrious atmospheres as the guy intends to make you sick. The style is mainly industrial with kind of dark psychedelic moments for some songs as other sounds really more noisy.


The carnage begins with "The Dramatic State" that could appear as the opening theme for a futuristic psychopath movie with some piano and weird sounds that oppresses the listener.

"Oswald Stoned in Prom" will make every Imminent Starvation lovers happy with its martial rythm that should make dance the sickest Mr Hyde that you have in the deepest of your brain. This track is catchy and the atmosphere is hypnotizing.


"Crawlspace" mixes baroque and gloomy moods brought by the piano with the disturbing side of the industrial sounds that keeps your brain blocked.


"The Violent Birth (part I)" appears as the more accessible stuff here. This is very atmospheric and seems like you're flying somewhere high in the galaxy. An interlude that comes to ease your mind among chaotic battle that let your brain damaged.


"Battle In The Hive" is the longest track from this album and we have nearly 13 minutes of progressive madness that goes from a really heavy mechanical moment tending to lighter and eerie moods. It's like we're travelling into space avoiding meteorites rain and from time to time wandering into desertic planets. A kind of feeling that reminds me of some good Oxyplegatz stuff or also to a gloomy soundtrack for Ulysses 31.


"Ballad Braincrawling For"  ends this album on the same line: with the same disturbing wish to annihilate your soul but this time it is with sweet ways. As some shooting stars hypnotizing you and taking the control of your whole. It seems that you have been drugged or other, this ending, I have to admit, is very trippy and tends to make me float. Something here reminds me of some Burzum ambiant tracks.


A first album including six songs coming from some twisted mind. The whole is as oppressive as gloomy. The psychedelic side of this project can be considered as if Charles Manson or some 60s/ 0's serial killer would have make some music nowadays. The question that I should ask to the listener after this trip is : "Are you allright?" , "Are you still sane?".

Let's wait for some other adventures from this dim spirit.



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