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6 novembre 2012 2 06 /11 /novembre /2012 20:57

"Unconventional power trio (Drums, Guitar and vocals), Swiss standard bearer of a new wave of chaotic-post-hardcore COILGUNS have released their 3rd ep in the shape of a split album with german hardcore-trashers NVRVD.  Coilguns's members, more known as all being part of German proggers THE OCEAN recorded their share of this ep when they were touring Australia with The Ocean. 

The EP is available in a fancy limited 10'' vinyl and, as the band habits, in a deluxe hand-made cd (homemade silk-screen printing, handnumbered, sealwaxed). To listen to the full thing:


Never resting and after a summer of good support slots w/ Baroness, Norma Jean and Nasum, the guys are currently writing their first full length that will be released in february 2013 followed by a full european tour. Coilguns will hit the Studio in about a month. 

"This time even vocals will be recorded live and we are flying over guest musicians from other bands to play and record live with us. We'll have plenty of other instruments at hands and have only booked 4 days of studio for about 50 minutes of music." comments frontman and crowd killer Louis Jucker.

Trailer for the split w/NVRVD:


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