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13 août 2007 1 13 /08 /août /2007 13:40


                                        Self-released / 2006 

So now, let's continue our musical trip all around the world ... For this time, let's go to Asia.

Hailing from Singapore, Absence Of The Sacred proposes through this album a very good mix between Old School Death Metal, Melodic Death Thrash (like The Crown, old Dark Tranquillity...) and the whole atmosphere is tainted with a Black Metal mood.
One thing that strikes during this cd is their very groovy force during all the tracks.
The sound of the guitars reminds me a bit of some old Sigh...The main voice is very guttural and the first band to who we can think of is Avulsed.
The album is very rich in breaks and in variations of melodies. The whole sounds very melodic but also thrashy.
They give us a good revival of Death metal from the early 90s.

In a track like "Fallen into Obscurity" they offer a good dose of mid tempo Death metal with so catchy melodies and this scorched voice coming straight from the deepest abyssic throat mixed with Thrash moments that will provoke nostalgia to the eldest teutonic scene fanatics.
"Our Glorious Dead" includes a rather doomy part but they  dare to include accoustic parts and a black metal rhythmic part of drums in the end.

As the tracks go on, the band doesn't fall into the trap of linearity and boredom is never present in the whole album.
The song that kicked my ass the most violently is the eponymous "Atrocities that birthed abominations". This one is the one for me which  represents the album as its best: Thrash, Black, Death metal and Doom are mixed here and the melodies and the rhythmic are still very rich and various.
The alternation of Black and Death vocals reminds me a bit of Manos (from Germany).
A very good accoustic guitar part included innit tends to a good Opeth spirit for this track. Keyboards parts of this song lighten the whole and concludes perfectly this very well executed (technically speaking) cd.

This trip to Asia was very enjoyable to me and it rang my alarm that we should be aware and keep an eye on this scene represented by such kick-ass bands. They are about to release the new cd so, i am here impatiently waiting for this second storm.


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