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                                      2005 / Dinosaur

As a beginning for this review, I would like to thank the band for sending me their album. Pitchfork & Pussies is the album I have been listening to hundred times since the day it came in my letter box. With this cd, I can tell you dudes that, Yeah Rock'n'roll also exists in Wales.

My first contacts with this band was on Myspace where I discovered them and especially appreciated their groovy style, with their track called "Freakshow" (number 3 of the album). Instantly, they managed to give me an incredible addiction to this track, played in a low tempo and with very catchy riffs and chorus, with unavoidable " yeaah" in the latter!

Having now the complete album, I've really become addicted to their whole stuff. After the previously reviewed Zero, United Kingdom sends us another "groovy with balls" band.

Even if their style is mainly stoner rock, they play it with very low guitars and some kind of 3-tons drums. Men... To come back to "Freakshow", you might see that they will even make you move your hips. And this track is, to me, the coolest one.

They also remind me, in some tracks, of White Zombie in their best period. Especially the track called "John Deevies and Murder" for its musical structure but also for the voice that travels from Metallica to Rob Zombie. Influences like Corrosion of Conformity can also be noticed -more precisely in their Wiseblood period- and Ectospazz offers us songs which, despite their down/mid tempo, evolve to more hardcorish rhythms... And the formula they use is very efficient.

You'll encounter other great moments with tracks like "Douglas Bader", "Voodoo Seedy Rack Man" (a good one to listen to while driving), "Mr Feebus" and that "headbangable" " New Animal". Here are my faves, but I must admit that the whole album is a very good stuff.

Therefore you've got here, without any doubt, another band that I am very impatient to see on stage because they must kick ass! The music is done with guts, that is easily perceptible on this cd, so I would recommend right now this band to any show organiser who reads this review and tell him to jump on the opportunity, to contact them and to make them come and kick some French asses someday because they deserve it as much on a musical point of view as on a human one.

Contact the band: www.ectospazz.bravehost.com   and  www.myspace.com/ectospazz


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