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Well, Zero...
Zero would be the number of bad words I should say about this cd!
The only wrong side would be that the pleasure lasted a bit shortly for me. Oh shit, this is just a EP! Zero, comin’ from England, play here 1 intro and 4 tracks during a bit more than 17 minutes and it was just enough to wake up my most Rock’n’roll-with-balls spirit that has stayed asleep for a long long time!

Darker Days is so enjoyable to listen to... Throughout this recording dating from 2006, they manage to convince me that they rule in their style! They play some Power Metal "a là" Pantera with a good Stonerlike groove mixed with some Thrash/Hardcore elements.(sounding at times like Testament, for instance)

Many means are used here to bring those balls to their music, especially in tracks like "Nightmare" (my fave one), with which they also sometimes remind me of a band called Accusser! The drum kicks asses, guitars riffs just bring me down to Hell and that voice close to Phil Anselmo's efficiently caught my attention and revealed my "inside beast"!

Another track that kicks ass is the one that closes this too short pleasure: "Race for Pride (Pride for Race)" and here, guyz, let me tell you that I hope to see/hear it on stage one day! This is the kind of song you should listen to every morning under your shower or just after a fuckin’hard day at work! I can easily imagine some furious moshpit at the origin of a furious mess!
Therefore, as I stated it if you want music with big balls, some good power Rock’n’roll stuff
that makes your head sick, well you should go and get some beer or whisky, put this cd in your player and play it loud as Hell!
As a conclusion, I would say that Zero would be the mark I'll give to the one who don’t headbang while listening to this disc.




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