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3 février 2008 7 03 /02 /février /2008 22:21


2007/Sound of Charge

3 songs : 11 mins

 1. Unholy Fist
 2. Flesh Of Christ
 3. Let Them Eat Shit

Here comes in Yargla the first production from Mister Pascal Blaud (ex-Abhorrent Creations) and it is a pleasure to see him coming back in the underground scene with his new label Sound Of Charge.
For his comeback, Pascal produces the band that we have here: Matar. Hailing from Finland (from where bands like Azaghal, Behexen, Impaled Nazarene, Horna... come), the band offers us three tracks for this demo. The best way to sum up this piece would be to describe it with three adjectives: raw, hateful and primitive. Therefore, we've got three tracks of ultra hateful black metal in a really direct way.

Each song is filled with hate and seems to have been written with blood. The atmosphere is violent and satanic. As told before, the stuff is very raw. As for its sound, the guitars shrieks to hell aggressively. The voice is really hateful and reminds me a lot of the first Gorgoroth’s album. The first song here called “Unholy Fist” tends to a kind of punk mood, a bit in the way of Darkthrone. The black metal vocals are mixed with more death metal ones.
The second one, “Flesh Of Christ”, is more based on a gloomy atmosphere played on a more doomy tempo. Nevertheless, the whole remains very hateful and violent as a whole and the screams used are also alternated in a true black/death way.
And the demo (already) ends with “Let them eat shit”, remaining in the same hellish line. Ok, some will say the the riffs are “too easy” anyway, i'll answer them that the ones used here are really catchy and gives an excellent “punch in the face” side to this cd, and I think it is the effect wanted by this band more than showing you that they are virtuosis pussies.

A very good demo to play to all raw black metal freaks but also to those who are looking for hearing a really hateful moment to spend and selling their soul to the beast. The whole is raw, the whole is true, the whole is evil. Support them:

http://www.europacalling   (Sound of Charge/ Pascal Blaud)

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