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16 décembre 2007 7 16 /12 /décembre /2007 19:54


                                                                 PARADE RECORDS/2007

10 songs : 21 mins

And here comes another production from the mighty Parade Records. And they still offer some great stuff. As other bands from this label, we have here another crust band played in old school way. Concerning the band, it was rather hard for me to find more pieces of information except the fact that they seem to come from Spain. That is to say they must be really underground.
The whole cd is a real punch in the face, some excellent crust/ punk with a dark mood. The tracks played directly reminds me of the very good Subsanity that we can find on the excellent compilation called “He’s no good to me dead” in which Subsanity shares the split with Bongzilla, Grief, Negative Reaction...
So here, we have total crust like Phobia (in a less grindcore way and the whole is sung in Spanish language) or also like old Terveet Kadett.
The songs are very various, the rythms are not linearly punk if you see what I mean; for example in the 4th track, the rhythm is a bit slower, or you've also got that grim beginning of the 5th, nearly some sludge/slow hardcore mixed with more energic moments.
The voices are guttural and low for one and high pitched and saturated for the other and the whole remains as aggressive as low.
My favourite one (number 6) begins in a sludgy way and is mixed with a crust’n’roll moment. That guitar riff is very rock’n’roll and occurs to an aggressive Twist Dance from Hell. I really enjoy this. By listening to  number 7 with that kind of epic riff that starts the song, it was really hard for me to choose which one was my fave... I found kind of black metal riff in it.
Every lover of D.I.Y. punk/crust stuff will really appreciate this band about whom I really hope to know more but also to hear more. The Carbono 14 experience on stage must be really ass kicking dudes, so please contact them: 
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