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8 songs/40 minutes

Carcharoth is a one man band coming from Melbourne, Australia. And it is the first Australian band that we have the honor to review here. This band performs a very various blackened death metal and the whole is melodic, the voices used are very various. The trip begins with a short intro opening on the first track “The Raven’s Cry” that reminds me of some old school My Dying Bride mixed with some old school swedish death metal à la At The Gates. The death metal voice is really low and guttural a bit in the My Dying Bride (to name them again) or also Septic Flesh way. A folk part, as often included in the whole cd, tends to give some Opeth but also Primordial mood to this song. Very good thing. And the tracks continue in the same profile, various, melodic and progressive blackened death metal.
Despite its sound that I judge a bit low, my favorite song of  The Raven’s Cry is the one called “The High Pass”. By hearing this one I always think of some Hypocrisy during their Penetralia era. The different parts are really various and we have again the alternation between folk parts and metal ones.
As for these folk parts, I can say that they enrich the variety of good ideas used by Chris Doig. Just take this oriental moment during the doomy part of the song called “Broken Burial”. It tends to soften the listening of this piece of great musical wandering through darkness.
“Cold wind blows” draws the nearly end of the cd, in this one Chris uses clear vocals that reminded me of Benighted Leams. As for generally used vocals, they are really rich, that is one of the points I really appreciate in The Raven’s Cry, I also have the surprise to hear voices generally used in goregrind (you know, the hypra low, guttural and piggy) in the song called “Broken Burial”.
Unluckily, the cd is already ending with the one called “The Sun has had its day”, with a very good folk and clear voice one reminding me of some Alcest or also Agalloch soothing the listener that is waiting for more.
I really had a great time with this piece from Carcharoth, the only “wrong” stuff I could say is the loss of sound on “The High Pass” (the ideas are so rich here that it deserves a far better sound) and maybe the use of drum machine which could annoy some listeners but on another point of view, as I've just said before, the ideas used gives a very rich and unboring aspect to the whole stuff. To end this review, i will just say that I am waiting for more from this band.
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