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20 novembre 2007 2 20 /11 /novembre /2007 17:43




3 songs : 9 minutes 20s

1. Blood and Savagery
2. Social Parasite
3. Bypaths to Chaos

This time it’s war. And the threat is coming from Chicago, United States. The 4 warriors, all wearing gasmasks, fight in a brutal death/black metal way. The members use their weapons violently: the blast beats sound like hails of bullets, the rhythmic is powerful, the riffs are very incisive and the voice calls every listener for war.
Through this first demo, they manage to destroy everything on their way such as a heavy panzer on a warground with their black metal (the names of Marduk in Panzer Division Marduk era and also sometimes Dark Funeral are coming to my mind) tending to sound also death metal (more in an Angelcorspe way) with the variations of vocals which are rather efficient as they remove all linearity to the whole.
My favourite track is the one that starts this war: “Blood and Savagery”. There’s something innit that reminds me of “Baptism By Fire” from the other soldiers of Marduk. This one, very hateful, woke up my most destructful wishes. The kind of song you have to listen when you want to take revenge on someone.
Very good first demo from this American troop, with a really good sound. Every fan of Marduk, Angelcorpse, Revenge, Axis of Advance and other war adorers band will appreciate. And other ones who are in quest for a violent, raw, hateful, even if too short, moment.
Kommandant is a real declaration of war.
Let’s notice that this is a self released demo but it has been licensed under Daemonokratia Productions.

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