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20 novembre 2007 2 20 /11 /novembre /2007 01:14



                                                                 2007/Parade Records

5 tracks/15 minutes

Here comes another band from the great Spanish label Parade Records. And so, the latter has welcomed Mahakala, coming from Greece and more precisely Athens. I knew that Greece was very productive in death, black, gothic bands, the names coming to my mind are Necromantia, Nightfall, Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Nethescerial,  Crave For Light and others but I didn’t know -and what a good surprise- that they were also into sludge stuff. And with Mahakala, dudes, they produce it very very well. Dark, heavy, groovy, and however powerful.

At the sight of the singer and the bassplayer shirts (Iron Monkey and Bongzilla), I think that we can easily imagine the kind of band we have here. And when you listen to that 5-song e.p., you can realize they are the perfect mix between these two bands. They have the heaviness of Bongzilla, the powerful side and a bit of the hateful one of Iron Monkey. They emphasize the groovy mood and it sounds great. They are as heavy, groovy and catchy as hell. They remind me of some Raging Speedhorn in a more powerful way (a bit like Bleeding Eyes – see the review before), a kind of powerful sludgecore. For the third song, they have that dirty side that reminds me of good old Buzzov’en with uses of samples, they’re a real bulldozer rollin' on a sludgy way. The fourth song is my favourite, the beginning riff sounds like some High on Fire, the high pitched vocals are so hateful, the sound overheavy, rhythms very tribal. And they end that so short pleasure with a fast track giving a more punk/crust touch to their style.
I really enjoyed this stuff, I read somewhere that the singer doesn’t use any lyrics, well, man, let me tell you in clear words that you kick my ass.
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