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19 novembre 2007 1 19 /11 /novembre /2007 02:08



                                                                       2006/Slut Factory Records

13 songs : 15mins 10 s
Crazy. The best word to begin this review. And the first thought that came to me with this stuff. First of all, I received this demo in an envelop with confetti of stars, unicorns and moons. My first words: “Hahaha, that’s some funny stuff; that guy seems to have humour in spite of that big pentagram in the logo. Cool.”
I forgot to mention that this band comes from Terrance and Phillip’s country (Canada for ‘ignorants’).
After this, I put the cd in my stereo...well... "crazy" is the real word that remained to me. Iron Bitchface plays some cyber noisy black old school Nintendo core. Or something like that. The whole demo is some video game concept: the first song is called “Push The Start Button” and the last one “Game Over”. Listening to the whole stuf, several things came to my mind. We have some ultra absurd Aborym on speed, the vocals are very black metallic with a lot of distortion, over-saturated, and the uncountable Bpms. I think that the best description for this stuff would be to tell you to stay home, play your Nintendo Entertainment System and listen to 3 cds in the same time: some Aborym, some Abruptum and some other band of noisecore.
 This demo is to be listened to at the 666th degree, the band offers us a good moment of good absurd stuff that is enjoyable anyway. I  saw they ever played in Europe with Boiling Remains (Hi Mates!!!) and can easily imagine they must have had great times of fun.
So, thanks for that funnytime, very very open minded ones and craziest from everywhere will really appreciate. Sorry dudes, but i don’t hate you hahahaha...
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