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13 novembre 2007 2 13 /11 /novembre /2007 13:48



4 songs/11 mins
  1. Here comes to head
  2. More Humility…Less bullshit
  3. Competence
  4. Words Unspoken

Coming from Montebelluna, Italy, Bleeding Eyes plays what we should call some power sludgecore and they play it very well. They remind me of bands such as Raging Speedhorn (I just saw that they’re about to tour with them), Hardtoswallow, and so on... In fact, they continue where Raging Speedhorn has stopped. I mean, I recently bought the new Raging Speedhorn album and I noticed that they lost their “stoner” side. Here, with Bleeding Eyes, the groove is amazing and powered as well.

They play on both sides: one is very catchy, groovy and tends to more violent rhythms, more hardcore metal parts. “Competence” is my favourite and it is for me the one that represents perfectly the whole cd: between Raging Speedhorn for the sludgecore part and Pantera/ Superjoint Ritual and Pungent Stench (in a less death metal way).

I really enjoyed this demo that left in my mouth a good taste of old whisky and in my brain some smoky feeling. It is totally inadvisable to listen to these tracks in your shower. Ok, the groove will make your hips shake but the "power" moments should see your shower damaged by the way you will jump. It’s such a pity but I have to admit, here, Italy still kicked some french ass and took its revenge with a really groovy headbang in my chest ;). 
This cd should find a place on your shelf between Hardtoswallow, Facedowninshit and Bud Junkees. Support this band!
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