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23 octobre 2007 2 23 /10 /octobre /2007 22:53


                                                              2001&2003 / Parade Records

Here we have two bands, Looking For An Answer from Spain and Catheter from Usa. This split cd is not so new: L.F.A.A.'s tracks are from 2001 and Catheter's from 2003 but Parade Records lately sent me this bombastic stuff from their label. Both bands play very fast grindcore and the overall impression is really good here!

One can say Looking for an Answer plays grindcore/crust, somewhere between bands such as Nasum, Cripple Bastards or Phobia, in Spanish language. Track number 3, "Los Olvidados", reminds me of some good old Pig Destroyer. The songs don't last more than one minute and a half, they manage to give us 6 tracks for 5 minutes. Two kinds of vocals: crazy screams and lower and more guttural ones copulate for a good dose of brutality. All is very fast, a real punch in one's face. Man, can you imagine just for a second the moshpit during one of their show?


Catheter "only" delivers two songs, longer than two minutes each. They are a bit in the same vein as L.F.A.A. but tend to include more "death metallic" parts and soli as well as parts that sound a bit sludgy to me for the groovy moments. Very good stuff , my fave being the song called "Power", which reminds me a bit of Impaled.


We have two good bands here, as catchy as violent, that I really enjoyed. The only bad point is this cd is damned too short but I always have that problem with grindcore bands, the stuff can be really good but the pleasure is always too short.





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